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Top quality standards & expert ongoing support.

We build awesome websites

Website Design

All of our websites and online stores are built to your specific requirements. Our site launchers will build a stunning website to help establish your company online and our website maintenance plans and hosting will make sure your site is always stable and available when your clients need it.

We develop to your personal preferences or technical requirements

To improve our delivery time and site stability we usually build our sites in well known platforms like Joomla or WordPress but if you have custom requirements or prefer a completely custom site we can build your project from the ground up. Contact us today to speak to one of our site launchers.

Custom platforms

We build websites with custom management features for every type of business. We have vast experience and can create any type of custom website, in the past we’ve built custom solutions for the following industries.

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate
  • Private Money Equity Firms
  • Auto Dealers
  • Online News Portals
  • Online Stores
  • Online Booking
  • Construction Companies
  • Schools or Institutes
  • Online Video Portals
  • Gyms / Personal Trainers

How much does a website cost?

This is the most common question we are asked and unfortunately there is no simple answer that applies to all projects since each site varies according to the requirements of each client and industry. Having said this, we decided to make the following list of price ranges so that you have an approximate idea, to have a more precise information, please contact us to speak with a site launcher.


$ 1,200

BETWEEN $1,200 & $2,400
  • Between 5 & 10 pages
  • Delivery 4 to 6 weeks
  • Contact Form
  • Mobile / Responsive
  • 6 Months free hosting


$ 2,400

BETWEEN $2,400 & $3,600
  • Between 5 & 10 pages
  • Delivery 4 to 6 weeks
  • Contact Form
  • Mobile / Responsive
  • 6 Months free hosting


$ 10,000

BETWEEN $10,000 & $30,000
  • Over 10 pages
  • Delivery varies by project
  • Corporate structure
  • Mobile / Responsive
  • 3 months free hosting


$ 3,800

  • Accept credit cards
  • Delivery varies by project
  • Advanced features
  • Unlimited products
  • For any product or service